Extensive Research and Development over the past 5 years has produced a robust, cost effective and reliable packaging solution, now available. Ask for Details on QUATTRAPAK EJ
The Benefits of QUATTRAPAK EJ
Product Weighed before packing Out-sized product carefully removed from packing and re-introduced to the supply chain without wasting packaging or process time. Product individually packed using only one simple COOKUNTM packaging (No Insert, No trays, No Absorbent Pads, No inner packaging. COOKUNTM Packed product is printed. Finished product run to next process. 50% less labour estimated Up to 20 packs per minute. Low failed packing rates (< 2%)
QUATTRAPAK EJ Weighs the bird Packages it in the COOKUNTM Pack (The Robust film bag) Prints everything straight on the bag, with eye catching branding for a strong sell at point of sale. The Product stays in the bag, maintaining that clean, fresh look the consumer loves - even in the oven - as the COOKUNTM system can be loaded with ovenable film, an effective way of reducing the risk of Campylobacter contamination (Poultry).
The 'Straight-2-Oven' Film Bag
QUATTRAPAK EJ Benefits for everyone
No ‘giveaway’ as catch weight is determined before packing by a unique software system and printed straight onto the COOKUNTM bag, along with all other statutory information. And out of tolerance birds don’t even get packaged, thanks to the auto reject mechanism. Savings in packaging with one film to manage and stock instead of a jumble of labels, trays and pads, which means fewer associated transport costs too. No leaks in the sealed COOKUNTM bag, delivering high hygiene levels and superb presentation at every stage.
Manufacturer and Food Processor Savings in labour costs with fewer packers and fillers PLUS a smaller footprint on your factory floor, thanks to the vertical flow system. Savings in transporting to the retailer because – compared to birds in trays – COOKUNTM bagged chickens weigh less and can be stacked on-end, allowing significantly more in. A smaller carbon footprint, thanks to reduced transport all-round.
Improved hygiene and an outstanding product display as the COOKUNTMbag will not leak unsightly juices and cross contaminate. More products on your shelf as the COOKUNTM takes up less space than trays. A professional, branded finish, with detailed graphics printed on both sides of the COOKUNTM – goodbye crinkled labels!
Retailer Optional carry handles to tempt customers to pick up YOUR COOKUNTMproduct. Eco-friendly reputation with much less packaging and waste. Savings in transport costs with COOKUNTM bagged chickens weighing less and stacking on end, allowing significantly more per load.
No leaks in the car boot or kitchen thanks to the sealed COOKUNTM bag, so no mess and much better hygiene for your family. ‘One Touch Packaging’ with the ovenable COOKUNTM film bag, PLUS a reduced cooking time and a perfect, succulent chicken and clean oven.
Consumer Delicious Gravy as the COOKUNTM bag retains the stock. Optional carry handles from shelf to basket to kitchen. Eco-friendly packaging with one film to bin instead of the traditional film, pad and tray.
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