The revolutionary patented packaging system improves EVERYTHING for EVERYONE... and SAVES you money! From manufacturers to food processors, retailers to consumers, the COOKUNTM packaging system from Rovipak offers a raft of benefits for whole bird poultry and meat packaging industry. From FACTORY to FORK... Everyone wins with

noun [Kuh-koon}

An airtight wrapping to provide a protective seal during storage and cooking
Question: How can one machine do everything... and does it much better. Forget trays, absorbent pads and labels? See below
By building on the success of the ‘Dome’ MAP whole bird packaging solution and the need to develop environmentally responsible packaging answers to the packing industry..
Trevor Potter, Rovipak’s Managing Director, has driven innovation in the company by both developing the manufacturing machinery and bespoke film resulting in the COOKUNTM packaging product available today. The COOKUNTM patented design and form, will allow consumers to put either a chicken or meat product in their basket, take it home and place the entire package in the oven, without ever touching the raw meat. The COOKUNTM pack does not have a tray, absorbent pad or label, all of which are associated with the traditional packaging of poultry and meat. The clever architecture brought to the COOKUNTM design, in this instance, provides an expanding package that creates a ‘cocoon’ during cooking, keeping the sides from touching the roast.
The benefits of Rovipak’s Quattrapak EJ reaches across all stakeholders in the food cycle - Consumers, Retailers and Food processors and provides the following unique solutions and attributes:
ACT on CAMPYLOBACTER “One Touch Packaging” - For standard and flavoured birds with our ovenable film Eco-friendly "Cocoon" packaging - one film instead of the traditional film, pad and tray “One Touch Packaging” Straight to oven with COOKUNTM ovenable film Reduced cooking time A perfect succulent chicken Delicious gravy and a clean oven No leakage from the sealed bag Delivering high hygiene levels Superb presentation at every stage Merchandising - Eye catching branding and more units per shelf. Savings in transport - COOKUNTM bagged chickens and meat products weigh less, are stacked on end and permit significantly more units per pallet A smaller carbon footprint - Courtesy of more efficient transportation Savings in packaging - One film to stock No labels No trays No pads Savings in labour overhead - Fewer packers, fewer checkers plus a smaller footprint on the factory floor courtesy of the vertical flow system Reduce Giveaway - Courtesy of the auto-reject mechanism, catch/fixed/average weight is determined prior to packing via the unique software system and out of tolerance products are not packaged Statutory information and variable data - Is printed straight onto the COOKUNTM bag. For traceability purposes, all statutory batch information can be viewed and exported to a database and is printed straight onto the COOKUNTM bag.
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